“Words cannot express my appreciation for what you have done for me. There will always be a corner of my heart, damaged though it might be, reserved for you and your office staff.”
– Bill Barber
Former security guard whose claim was denied after suffering a heart attack while helping to arrest a drunk violent patron. Virginia Hunt fought for him and obtained medical treatment, lost time benefits, and a settlement to allow him to retire.
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Virginia Hunt, AV Preeminent Rated Attorney

The Law Office of Virginia Hunt only represents injured workers with Nevada workers’ compensation claims. Have you been hurt at work? Do you have an occupational illness? Learn about your rights and Nevada law. Click on the Info Center for helpful articles, and read our blog for the latest news.

You need to be as informed as possible from the beginning of your claim, or you could lose rights and money, so call us for a Free Guide authored by Attorney Hunt. View our legal checklist for any action you need to take now. If you have more questions or want help immediately, simply call us.  The initial consultation is free and is always with Attorney Hunt. If you need representation, our fees are fair and reflect the experience, knowledge, care, value, and availability of the firm to a select number of clients. Se habla español.

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Don’t accept the insurer’s offer of a permanent partial disability award until you’ve had it reviewed by an experienced workers comp attorney. 

I will review your PPD FREE OF CHARGE.  

Fax your award to me BEFORE the 70-day appeal time has run out.

Fax your award to (702) 731-9097

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