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Attorney Profile of Virginia L. Hunt, Esq. - Bar No. # 256

Professional Member:

1983  Admitted to Nevada State Bar and U.S. District Court, District of Nevada, and U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.
1979  Admitted to California State Bar (currently inactive) and U.S. District Court, Southern District of California.
Clark County Bar Association
Nevada Justice Association
State Bar of Nevada CLE Committee since 2008




"What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know About Workers' Compensation Law", COMMUNIQUE, August 2006.
"Injured Workers Guide to Nevada Workers' Compensation Law", 2005, 2007;
Spanish edition, 2007.
"Nevada Workers' Compensation Law for Medical Providers", 2005.
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1979  University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., cum laude.
1975  Michigan State University, B.A. with high honors.


Over a thousand administrative hearings tried before the State of Nevada, Department of Administration, Hearings and Appeals Divisions on contested workers' compensation claims.

Adjudicated several hundred hearings while a Department of Administrative Appeals Officer, appointed by the Governor for two two-year terms to decide contested workers' compensation cases and victims of crime appeals.

Twelve appellate cases argued to the Nevada Supreme Court on contested workers' compensation cases. See attached case list. Many more cases settled favorably before briefing and argument.

Frequent lecturer for continuing legal education courses on workers' compensation law and related personal injury issues. Free seminars to the public on workers' compensation law.

Recent Seminars:

2/13/09 "Bridge the Gap", Administrative Law. Seminar for newly admitted attorneys.
12/18/08 "Representing Injured Workers in Nevada" (State Bar of Nevada for 6 CLE Credits).
11/25/08 Seminar for public on Workers' Compensation Law.

Professional Liability Carrier:

MedMarc Casualty Insurance Company
Marsh Affinity Group Services
PO Box 9269
Des Moines, IA 50306-9269

Nevada Supreme Court Cases:

Published Decisions:

SIIS v. Weaver, 103 Nev.196, 734 P.2d 740 (1987).
SIIS v. Lane, 103 Nev.289, 738 P.2d 1311 (1987).
SIIS v. Harrison, 103 Nev. 543, 746 P.2d 1095 (1987).
SIIS v. Ransier, 104 Nev. 742, 766 P2d 274 (1988).
Weaver v. SIIS, 104 Nev.305, 757 P.2d 1195 (1988).
SIIS v. Wrenn, 104 Nev. 536, 762 P.2d 884 (1988).
Anderson v. SIIS, 107 Nev. 63, 806 P.2d 1042 (1991).
SIIS v. Prewitt, 113 Nev. 616, 939 P.2d 1053 (1997).
Madera v. SIIS, 114 Nev. 253, 956 P.2d 117 (1998).
Manwill v. Clark County, 123 Nev. Adv. Op. 28, 162 P.3d 876 (2007).

Unpublished Decisions:

Public Agency Compensation Trust  v. Deborah Martin
Case No.: 42144
Order of Affirmance Filed 5/12/05

Liberty Mutual; and Wynn Resorts, LLC v. Kevin Davis
Case No.: 45984
Order of Affirmance Filed 3/7/07

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